The students in Mendon are part of the Barstow Unified Union School District (BUUSD) and attend Barstow Memorial School and have school choice at the High School level.

Barstow Unified Union Brochure

High School Choice, State of Vermont

Barstow Memorial School (K-8)
223 Chittenden Road, Chittenden, VT 05737
Phone 802-773-3763 | Fax 802-747-4814

Mendon is a town within the Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union:

Barstow Unified Union School Board minutes are available here.

School Board Officers:

  • Brenda Hummel (At-Large) 2024 – Chair – RNESU Board Rep.

  • Ethan Bodin (Chittenden) 2024 – Clerk

  • Jessica Quesnel (Mendon) 2022 – RNESU Board Rep.

  • Jacob Powsner (At-Large) 2023 – RNESU Board Rep.

  • Robin Crossman (Chittenden) 2022

To contact the school board please click here Let’s Talk


BUUSD Board Corner – April 2021

The BUU Board has an unfilled, one-year Chittenden seat open and is prepared to appoint someone at our upcoming meeting on April 19th. If you are interested in filling this position, please email Melinda Piper by April 16 to schedule a 15 minute interview with the Board on April 19th. Interviews will be scheduled to run between 5 and 6 pm and it is anticipated a decision will be made that night. The BUU Board governs with a Policy Governance approach, which allows them to focus on the future of the school. A Board Member should enjoy working with values, visions, and long-term planning. They should think in terms of systems and content, be committed to the organization’s areas of concern and be able to share power in a group process.More information on the board can be found on the Board webpage…/scho…/barstow_unified_union_board

On March 25, 2021, the Vermont State School Nurses Association (VSSNA), awarded Superintendent Jeanne Collins the James Ward Stackpole, MD award for her contributions to health and education of Vermont school children. As last year’s President of the Vermont Superintendents’ Association, Jeanne worked tirelessly with the Vermont Agency of Education and VSSNA to formulate plans for school nurses and educators to work together during the pandemic. Secretary of Education, Don French, thanked Jeanne for her significant contributions to safety and education of students and staff statewide. He added that Jeanne’s pivotal practical knowledge of both day-to-day school operations and long-term needs is invaluable to the Vermont Agency of Education. During the ceremony, superintendents from around the state and representatives from both the Vermont Superintendents’ Association and the national association (AASA) thanked Jeanne for her valuable leadership during the pandemic. The BUU Board has been grateful for Jeanne’s work during these unprecedented times, and we are very proud that she’s receiving well-deserved statewide recognition. As always we welcome your input. Please join us at our next regularly scheduled Board meeting Monday, April 19th at 6:00 pm online via Zoom. Links to attend upcoming Zoom Meetings can always be found on the RNESU calendar