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Tax bills should be prepared and mailed by the end of July.

2018/2019 Tax Rate:

Homestead = $1.8676                    Non-Residential = $2.0211

($.5316+$1.3348+$.0012)              ($.5316+$1.4883+$.0012)


Municipal Tax Rate: $.5316

            2018-2019 Amount to be raised by taxes       $937,112

            2018-2019 Municipal Grand List                  $1,762,823

Education Tax Rate:

            Homestead = $1.3348

            Non-Residential = $1.4883


2018-2019 Summary:

Municipal Tax Rate= $ .0124 increase or 2.4% increase

Education Tax Rate:

            Homestead = $1.3348 a $.0108 increase or 3.3% increase

            Non-Residential = $1.4883 a $.0494 increase or 3.5% increase

Total Homestead = $1.8676 a $.0547 increase or 3.0% increase

Total Non-Residential = 2.0211 a $.0615 increase or 3.2% increase

 Local Agreement Tax: $.0012

Eligible properties (5)

Voter approved Property Assessment Exemption $40,000 = 200,000/100

Total Exemption                                             $2,000

2018/2019 Municipal Grand List                   $1,762,823

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The Vermont Primary Election is August 14, 2018. Please click the Warning below for more information.  The sample ballots are posted below as well, you will receive all three ballots but will only be voting on one ballot.

2018 August Primary Warning




You can register to vote by coming into the office or you may click here for more information.

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The Town of Mendon is selling their two Arctic Cat ATV’s

ATV viewing is scheduled for Monday June 18, 2018 at 2:30 at the Town Garage

Bids are due to the Town Office by 10am on June 20, 2018  in a sealed envelope


Vehicle 1 Vehicle 2
Mark Latzky $1,001
Chad Galiano $900 $755
William Kelly $607 $537
Jaye Thompson $1,250
Josh Davis $750

Please click the link below for more information on the ATV’s



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Town of Mendon, VT

The Town of Mendon is inviting interested parties to submit a proposal to remove the building located at 2278 US Route 4 in Mendon for the purpose of rehabbing the building for use in another area. A detailed invitation to propose is attached here:  Old Town Hall Invitation to Propose Final

The mandatory meeting requirement has been waived by the town.  Anyone interested in submitting a proposal can contact the town to make an appointment to view the building.  Proposal packages must be received by the Town of Mendon by 12:00 PM, Monday, July 16, 2018.  Submittals received after that time will not be considered.

Press Release June 2018

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HEAT Squad Stove Program

Rutland County has some of the worst air quality in the state, due to geography as well as the prevalence of old, non EPA-certified wood stoves in the region. Fine particulates released from these wood stoves pollute the air both inside and outside a home, causing a wide range of health problems for older adults and children.

In response, the Vermont Clean Energy Development Fund, the Agency of Natural Resources’ Department of Environmental Conservation, and Green Mountain Power awarded NeighborWorks of Western Vermont’s HEAT Squad $715,000 to install new EPA-certified pellet/wood stoves or central pellet boilers, along with energy efficiency upgrades.

The two-year grant will offer rebates to replace or install new stoves and for completing energy efficiency measures. HEAT Squad’s Wood Stove Change-Out and Pellet Heating Program offers homeowners up to $4,800 towards the removal of their old stove and the purchase and installation of a new stove. Rebates are scaled based on household size and income, giving Vermonters with limited income the most assistance. Homeowners in Rutland County and the surrounding towns are eligible. For more information, call (802) 438-2303 or visit